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Signature Curry Chicken Wrap

Curry Chicken Wrap

[LARA CERRI | Times]

Hand Clapped Roti


Pam's makes all it's food fresh to order - so for Caribbean/Trinidadian food that means 20 mins minimum from the time you order, but once you accept that, you're in for a treat! Great flavor, good spice. Rotis are light and fluffy,not overly greasy. Doubles hit the spot. Get a solo from the fridge while you wait

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Imported Caribbean Beer

From one Guyanese to another. Food was excellent and the service. Best Dhal puri ever!

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I was going to order curry goat because I LOVE CURRY GOAT and you don't often find a place that makes it. 

Then I read some of Pam's reviews. 

Instead of ordering what I usually get, I ordered a beef patty, a roti, a chicken double with tamarind and a chicken double with pepper sauce because numerous people said in their comments that Pam's makes these things to the best-ever degree and..., I was feeling adventurous. 

Having never tried these items I can't tell you if they're the "best ever" but I can tell you these two things for sure: 

1) if you order all the same items as I did and you're alone, you're never going you be able to eat it all.


2) everything is undeniably freshly made. 

I can also tell you this bonus thing that I almost forgot. 

3) It's inexpensive.

Trust the stars on this one, folks.

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Vegetarian Doubles

Baked   Patties - Daily

beef patties.jpg

The quality of the food is incredible. Pam prepares each order as it is placed. (No steam table). The doubles were fluffy and we'll flavored. The roti and curry chicken was delicious as well.

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Jerk Chicken Wrap

If it wasn't for Yelp, then I wouldn't know about great gems like Pam's Roti Shop.  My vegetarian roti was fantastic, and my husband couldn't stop talking about his duck curry.  The time to check out this place is NOW - don't miss out!

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Great prices on the roti & doubles. I was visiting from Tampa and pleasantly surprised to find a Roti shop in St. Pete. Being from Trinidad I was eager to taste some homestyle island cooking. We had to wait a bit for the 2 doubles & roti, but I believe that's because it's cooked fresh. I'll consider calling ahead next time. On the plus side it gave me a chance to explore the store. As a bonus the shop also has West Indian ingredients & groceries such as curry, pepper sauce, Mauby, and sweet drinks. There are also a few tables and chairs set up to sit and eat if you want. The gentleman behind the counter was friendly and fun to talk to. I will definitely be returning because my husband who is American, loves West Indian food but doesn't like the bones. This shop serves the curry chicken boneless which is awesome (I personally like the bone, but it's not a deal breaker).

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Our Very Own Special Recipe - Currants Roll


Signature Seasoned Sauteed Cabbage

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